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Question   Hello
Hi Anna lovely to have met you in Florida -the Boston boys

- Brian Connelly December 14, 2013

  Answer Likewise Boston boys!!!

- Anna Laska  December 18, 2013

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Question   FBB
Gratulation zu deinen diesjährigen Erfolgen. Hast super ausgesehen.
Übrigens ne schöne Webseite und coole Bilder!!

- Beat Geser November 03, 2010

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Question   Pictures
Annalaska's photos are great! respect!

- Petsch JB February 24, 2010

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Question   I ilke it!
great pictures, stunning shots, good presentation ...... Wish you s lot of success

- Robert Walther May 27, 2009

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Question   comment
Very nice gallery and web page. good luck in your photography endeavors!
dawn :)

- Dawn M. Schneider January 13, 2009

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Question   Pictures
Very nice pictures. Stumbled upon them browsing photo sites.

What can I say, you didn't loose any weight ;-)

- Espresso Luxorious July 26, 2008

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Question   Lovely elephants

What a great site! You are able to show the world in a different perpective. The commercial art collection is great. I also liked the animals collection. Pictures of elephants are my favourites!

Please keep me informed about new updates!


-  July 24, 2007

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Question   Great!
Dear Anna, I am impressed to see all this. Did not full apprecaite you ahd this talent! Photo on home-page is really something.

Congratulations and well done!!

PS Did I give you Barbro's, my wife web-site? www.barbrohallen.com

-  July 23, 2007

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Question   Inspirational web site
Thank you, Anna, for sharing this most special talent of yours. I thoroughly enjoy rediscovering the beauty of life around us through your perceptive lens.

-  March 30, 2007

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Question   Beautiful fantasy
Ciao Anna,

Congratulations to your fantastic imagination. It is worthwhile today to have fantasy and the eye to see the beautiful things around us.


-  March 28, 2007

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Question   Congratulations
Hi Anna
Congratulations on your pictures. Looking forward to discuss photography and your new projects soon.
Best regards, Werner

-  March 27, 2007

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Question   the kisssssss
love the kiss of Mama Ania and Jurek!!! Sweet!

-  March 26, 2007

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